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Welcome to Premier Milk!

Premier Milk Incorporated is a Florida-based cooperative established by dairy producers with a mission to produce the highest quality milk and move it efficiently to the market.

We Are:

  • Producer Created
  • Producer Directed
  • Producer Focused

Dedicated To:

  • High Quality Milk
  • Premium Animal Care
  • Maximizing Producer Returns

With a member philosophy focused on animal care and milk quality, Premier Milk Incorporated is the only cooperative where "Premium Quality Comes Standard!"


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Premier Milk producers care about their cows! PMI adopted the FARM Program at its inception and FARM inspections are underway. To learn more about the program, visit the FARM website today!

Front Page News:

Tetracycline Residue Pilot Program Begins July 1

Dairy producers need to be aware that a new residue testing program focused on the tetracycline family of drugs will begin on July 1, 2017. Your PMI newsletter contained information condensed from a recent article in Hoards Dairyman that you are encouraged to read by clicking HERE. All Grade A plants will be required to test at least 1 out of every 15 loads that leaves the farm during the 18-month duration of the pilot program. This means that every producer’s milk will be tested at some point during the pilot.

Tetracycline powder has been historically used to treat digital dermatitis (hoof warts) by dairymen and professional hoof trimmers.  This practice (as well as any other tetracycline use) use now requires a veterinarian’s prescription.  This applies to anyone treating your cattle, including professional hoof trimmers.

Talk to your veterinarian now and review your tetracycline protocols to insure complete compliance.  Be sure that your hoof trimmer and all other personnel involved in your herd health program are fully informed and up to date with any revisions to your protocols.

All PMI members are participants in the National Dairy FARM™ program, and are already familiar with the importance and process of the veterinary/client patient relationship (VCPR).  There are helpful resources on the FARM™ website that are excellent guidelines for making certain that tetracycline protocols are well communicated and within all prescribed restrictions under your veterinarian’s prescriptions.  The latest edition of the FARM Drug Residue Manual should be readily available to all personnel and your veterinarian’s prescription for tetracycline use in all situations must be on file, which must include any use related to foot care.



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