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Welcome to Premier Milk!

Premier Milk Incorporated is a Florida-based cooperative established by dairy producers with a mission to produce the highest quality milk and move it efficiently to the market.

We Are:

  • Producer Created
  • Producer Directed
  • Producer Focused

Dedicated To:

  • High Quality Milk
  • Premium Animal Care
  • Maximizing Producer Returns

With a member philosophy focused on animal care and milk quality, Premier Milk Incorporated is the only cooperative where "Premium Quality Comes Standard!"


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Front Page News:

Enrollment for 2016 Dairy Margin Protection Program Underway!

Sign-up began July 1 and runs through September 30 for the MPP which runs through 2018. The program offers dairy producers catastrophic coverage at no cost to the producer other than an annual $100 administrative fee, and various levels of buy-up coverage. Catastrophic coverage provides payments to participating producers when the national dairy production margin is less than $4.00 per/CWT. Visit your local FSA office BEFORE the September 30th deadline! More info can be found HERE.

Margin Protection


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