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Cows eatingPremier Milk, Incorporated (PMI) was founded in June 2009 by dairy producers who own and operate dairy farms in Florida and Georgia. Our vision is simple: To efficiently deliver the highest quality milk to processors while providing maximum returns to our members.

At PMI, we pride ourselves on approaching the industry from a producer's perspective. Milk quality only improves when the producer is focused on making quality a priority. PMI requires milk supplied by its members to be of a higher quality standard, and our founders believe raising quality requirements at the farm level will result in a higher quality milk supply with longer shelf life, bringing value to both the processor and the consumer.

Members of PMI must have somatic cell counts below 400,000 compared to the current regulation limit of 750,000.  Standard plate counts must be 25,000 or less while the current acceptable level is 100,000.  Along with quality parameters, each new member must follow the guidelines of The National Dairy FARM Program, a producer-led coalition designed to protect consumer trust and confidence by demonstrating a commitment to animal well-being.  Additionally, PMI certifies all milk from its members comes from cows not treated with rBST hormone.

PMI, while based in Florida, caters to members throughout the Southeastern United States and currently includes members in Florida and Geogia.

Board of Directors

Klaas Reyneveld R.L. Johnson
Klaas Reyneveld, President
R.L. Johnson, Vice President
Mike Brantley Cameron Dakin Levi Wright
Mike Brantley
Cameron Dakin Levi Wright
Jason Dakin
Jason Dakin, First Alternate



Tom Pittman Carrie Pedreiro
Tom Pittman
General Manager
Grace Reyneveld
Carrie Pedreiro
Media & Public Relations

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