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PMI recognizes that producers have a choice when it comes to who they select to market their milk. Our cooperative was created by dairy producers who wanted to "get back to basics". Simply put, the producer supplies the milk, and the cooperative moves the product to the market as efficiently as possible, returning as much revenue as possible back to the farm.

Premier Milk members share a production philosophy rooted in milk quality. While all milk sold in the United States is safe and wholesome, milk supplied to processors from Premier Milk's supply is guaranteed to be of highest quality and rBST free. PMI requires the following standards for all members:

  • Somatic Cell Counts (SCC) of 400,000 or less

  • Standard Plate Counts (SPC) of 25,000 or less

  • Follow guidelines outlined in the National Dairy FARM Program established by National Milk Producers Federation

  • Members must certify that milk they supply comes from animals not treated with rBST.

Premier Milk is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality milk available in the Southeast. This goal is accomplished by our producers' focus on milk quality, animal welfare, and herd health.

While PMI is based in Florida, we welcome all producers throughout the Southeast and currently have members in Florida and Georgia.

Want to learn more about PMI or become one of our valued members? Contact us HERE.


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