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At PMI, we pride ourselves on approaching the industry from a producer's perspective. Milk quality only improves when the producer is focused on making quality a priority. That's why we require all milk supplied by our members to meet a heightened quality standard, as our founders believe that raising requirements at the farm level will ultimately result in better value for both the processor and the consumer.

About Our Standards

Members of PMI must have somatic cell counts below 400,000, compared to the current regulation limit of 750,000. Standard plate counts must be 25,000 or less, while the current acceptable level is 100,000. Along with quality parameters, each new member must follow the guidelines of The National Dairy FARM Program, a producer-led coalition designed to protect consumer trust and confidence by demonstrating a commitment to animal well-being. Additionally, we certify that all milk from our members comes from cows not treated with rBST hormone. Though based in Florida, we cater to members throughout the Southeast.

Board of Directors:

Klaas Reyneveld, President

Klaas Reyneveld

Cameron Dakin, Vice President

Cameron Dakin
Vice President

Jason Dakin, First Alternate

Jason Dakin
First Alternate

Mike Brantley

Mike Brantley

Levi Wright

Levi Wright

Eric Veits

Eric Veits

Staff Members:

Tom Pittman, General Manager& Treasurer

Tom Pittman
General Manager & Treasurer

Grace Reyneveld, Secretary

Grace Reyneveld

Marta Gonzalez

Marta Gonzalez
Office Administrator